ANALYSIS: Battered DA, louder EFF – see you in parliament, ANC

What does a battered and bruised DA and a bigger and louder EFF mean for the political scene now? Can the opposition parties get behind a ...

- timeslive.co.za | 3 months ago


Rain blamed for turnout

The voters gave their vote of confidence to the ruling party ANC, DA and EFF, respectively. The ruling ANC party has regained power nationally (in ...

- news24.com | 3 months ago


Trevor Manuel, EFF continue battle in court

JOHANNESBURG - Former finance minister Trevor Manuel has asked the High Court to declare the EFF's statement on the appointment of SARS ...

- enca.com | 3 months ago


Voters Stayed Home: The Untold Story Of The 2019 Elections

Consider that the ANC got 10,02 million votes, the DA got 3,62 million, and the EFF 1,881 million votes. Any political strategist who is not talking about ...

- thedailyvox.co.za | 3 months ago


These are the 10 biggest SA twitter accounts right now

Twitter is only SA's sixth biggest social media platform, but it still tends to dominate public discourse. Social media marketing platform Socialbakers ...

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LETTER: IRR polling was mispresented

Our final poll (on May 4) modelled on the 2014 turnout, put the ANC on 54%, the DA on 23% and the EFF on 13% (with a 3% margin of error).

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Avoiding the road to Venezuela

Cyril Ramaphosa has three years to tackle the ills that Jacob Zuma inflicted on the country. If he doesn't manage to get growth going in that period, the ...

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Are we drawing the wagons into a laager of exclusion?

The EFF may be branded as black African (with a new Pan African slant, and apparent intolerance of other black minorities), but the party continues to ...

- dailymaverick.co.za | 3 months ago


Nampo agricultural show highlights the scale and sophistication of South African farming

Farming in SA is undergoing a revolution, and not the kind envisioned by the Economic Freedom Fighters and its copycats in the ruling party.

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ANC must reinvent itself

... the white people party image, the more radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of political firebrand Julius Malema and a myriad fringe parties.

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ANC must reinvent itself

The runaway corruption that defined the Jacob Zuma reign, mass unemployment that has driven many blacks into hopelessness, unconscionable ...

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Politics in the Twittersphere – how much misinformation did we get?

With the highest number of followers, the official EFF account (@EFFSouthAfrica), was strong in the build-up to elections. Although the official ANC ...

- dailymaverick.co.za | 3 months ago


Weak alternatives drive right wing resurgence – expert duo

... of overseeing economic growth, the conservative right is slowly reviving. ... the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) ...

- biznews.com | 3 months ago


Gloves come off in the Manuel vs EFF defamation case

Judgment was reserved after lawyers for former finance minister Trevor Manuel and the Economic Freedom Fighters met in the high court in ...

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What the ANC's Election Win Means for South Africa

Ramaphosa can now claim that he has halted the party's decline, which began under his predecessor, President Jacob Zuma, and that his reform ...

- cfr.org | 3 months ago


No blank check for ANC after election win in South Africa

... the populist left Economic Freedom Fighters. The ANC won 57% of the vote, its poorest showing yet, but a triumph for a party that has been fighting ...

- peoplesworld.org | 3 months ago


Miles to go

... main opposition Democratic Alliance won about 21%, the Economic Freedom Fighters 11%, and the 45 smaller parties together won almost 11%.

- thehindu.com | 3 months ago


Trevor Manuel failed to show he was harmed by EFF allegations, court told

Former finance minister Trevor Manuel has failed to show the actual harm that has befallen him, EFF lawyer Vuyani Ngalwana told the high court in ...

- businesslive.co.za | 3 months ago