IEC, Africa and Herman Mashaba: five quotes from Julius Malema

EFF leaders held a media briefing on Thursday in which Julius Malema spoke about the party's goals and answered questions from the media.

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Barbz on Juju and French journo's 'showdown': He's what Africa needs right now

Socialite and businesswoman Babalwa Mneno is probably one of the first names on the Julius Malema supporters' club list, and when her CIC got into ...

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Malema urges IEC to modernise voting systems to avoid future crisis

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has implored the Independent Electoral Commission to develop adequate internal ...

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South Africa: Fears of Extremism Live in the Minds of South Africans, Not in Reality

Economic Freedom Fighters. A second source of alarm in some quarters is the growth of the EFF, whose more militant African nationalism alarms a ...

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Why fears that EFF, FF+ election gains show the rise of SA extremism are all in our heads

A second source of alarm in some quarters is the growth of the EFF, whose more militant African nationalism alarms a wide spectrum of opinion.

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Trevor Noah trends as Julius Malema responds to 'genocide' jab

#EFFPresser Malema: People say things to keep their jobs, we had that during the apartheid era. It's not a new thing. — Economic Freedom Fighters ...

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Trevor Noah trends as Julius Malema responds to 'genocide' jab

EFF leader Julius Malema has responded to comments by Trevor Noah, saying the comedian "must not be used". Malema was speaking during an ...

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It's not comedy when the joke is on you

Trevor Noah recently had all kinds of woke and un-woke tongues wagging and Twitter fingers trolling when he made a joke about Julius Malema's ...

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'No place for complacency in the EFF'

Although the EFF showed significant growth nationally and in the majority of provinces, the red berets leader said the party would replace incompetent ...

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'South Africa's reelected president faces tough road'

The ANC was followed by the main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party and the radical leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party.

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Mpofu not offended by Malema criticism

JOHANNESBURG - EFF Chairperson Dali Mpofu says party leader Julius Malema's criticism does not offend him. At a media briefing on Thursday, ...

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'It is clear that electorate is giving us a serious consideration' - EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Thursday held its first media ... The Freedom Front Plus also made significant gains and Mpofu says these ...

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Mpofu: EFF accepts election results despite alleged irregularities

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson Dali Mpofu said that the party accepts the outcome of the general ...

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Zindzi Mandela is tired of people questioning her political loyalty

A picture of the Mandelas and EFF national chairperson Dali Mpofu on social media sparked speculation on whether the family had left the ANC for ...

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EFF wants the Tshwane mayoral seat

“If the DA refuses then these other options will come in, but so far we are talking and we don't see any hostilities about the possibility of power sharing.

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ANC wins the Gauteng province

The ANC attained 50.19 per cent in Gauteng, followed by the DA with 27.45 per cent, the EFF with 14.69 per cent and the VF Plus with 3.56 per cent.

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Why Land Reform Will Continue to be One of South Africa's Biggest Problems

Opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters ('EFF') have taken a different stance – as they find the provision to be fundamentally lacking in ...

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Malema tells EFF leaders to add value or ship out

The EFF grew to just over 1.8 million votes and now has 44 members of parliament but those who Malema regards as lazy leaders should be worried.

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