Manuel defamation ruling stifles right to free political speech - EFF

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said they were concerned that the defamation ruling on Thursday against them in a matter ...

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Manuel vs EFF: 5 key reasons why the court says EFF should cough up and apologise

The South Gauteng High Court has ordered the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to retract and remove a defamatory and "unlawful" statement ...

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Everything you need to know about David Masondo - SA's young new deputy minister of finance

Limpopo was a stronghold for Zuma foe Julius Malema, who was president of the ANC Youth League at the time. "National Treasury was used to ...

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Ramaphosa names the cabinet for his 'clean-up'

The leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, said they "rejected” the new cabinet and specifically decried the appointment of Pravin Gordhan as ...

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Mzansi reacts to the EFF owing Manuel an apology and R500 000

The Economic Freedom Figthers (EFF) lost to Trevor Manuel in a defamation case. The Red Berets were ordered to apologise and pay R500 000 in ...

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EFF to appeal Manuel defamation ruling

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will appeal a Johannesburg High Court judgment ordering the party to apologise to Trevor Manuel within 24 ...

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Ramaphosa strikes blows on opposition with cabinet picks

... it counters a key grievance that opposition Economic Freedom Fighters movement leader Julius Malema has capitalised on with unrivalled success.

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We will appeal the Trevor Manuel ruling – EFF

The EFF notes the ruling of the High Court which has granted Trevor Manuel urgency and ordered the EFF to apologize to him on defamation.

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Trevor Manuel vs the EFF: High Court judgment

[5] Third, the applicant seeks an order interdicting the Economic Freedom Fighters (the EFF), Dr Ndlozi and Mr Malema from publishing the same or ...

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Tshwane budget passed

The Tshwane 2019/20 budget has been approved in the council earlier today, with all councillors voting for it – except for the EFF. The budget, which ...

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PICS: What you need to know about the new ministers in Ramaphosa's Cabinet

He shot to fame when he served in the ANC youth league with Julius Malema in the structure that was later disbanded in 2013. At party level, he is ...

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EFF set to appeal court's defamation ruling in favour of Trevor Manuel

Ex-finance Minister, Trevor Manuel, has won a defamation case against Julius Malema's political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, but they are ...

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Juju is not afraid of Pravin, Cyril: "I give you all nightmares"

On Wednesday night, after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his new, smaller Cabinet, a tweep took shots at EFF leader Julius Malema.

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Why is alleged EFF/VBS fraud not being investigated – Pieter Groenewald

New reports by the journalist investigative unit Scorpio indicate that approximately R4 million of the money that VBS channelled to the EFF was used ...

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EFF to appeal Manuel court judgment

JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters say they will appeal a court decision that has ordered them to apologise to former finance ...

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EFF to appeal Trevor Manuel defamation ruling

The party, led by Julius Malema, was instructed to apologise to Manuel and remove all defamatory remarks from all its platforms, including social ...

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South Africa's fragile democracy

The Economic Freedom Fighters, whose leader Julius Malema favours the nationalization of all industry, banks and land and promises that he “will not ...

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Trevor Manuel 1, EFF 0 in defamation case

When the EFF posted a statement on Twitter about former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel that Manuel said was defamatory, false, and unlawful, ...

- dailymaverick.co.za | 8 months ago