4 Female EFF delegates rushed to hospital after pepper spray attack


- briefly.co.za | 3 months ago

- Four female members of the Economic Freedom Fighters were taken to hospital in the early hours of Sunday, 15 December- The paramilitary security unit, known as the "Defenders of the Revolution" was behind the attack- One of the women had a severe seizure after they were attacked with pepper sprayFour female EFF delegates were taken to hospital in haste in the early morning hours of Sunday, 15 December after the party had its National People's Assembly.

There was a confrontation at the dining hall, according to SowetanLIVE, and the EFF's paramilitary security unit, also called the "Defenders of the Revolution", was behind the violence. The women were attacked with pepper spray and one of them had a severe seizure and was the first to be rushed to hospital.

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