A strategy to stand up against EWC – Frans Cronjé


- biznews.com | 4 months ago

The ANC’s policy on land expropriation without compensation is reaching its final phase.

Following the report by the Presidential panel at the end of last month, it is up to an 11-member multi-party ad hoc Parliamentary committee to report back to the National Assembly by the end of March 2020 on how the constitutional change envisaged by the ANC should take place. The ANC has six members in this committee and the rest is comprised of two members from the Democratic Alliance, one from the Economic Freedom Fighters with other smaller parties allocated another two votes, in other words a majority in support of expropriation without compensation (EWC).

The report of the Presidential panel could be regarded as a watered down version of the original proposal for land expropriation with the emphasis on limited use of expropriation to acquire land and the panel stressed that it should be seen only as a part of land reform and restitution, not the sum total.

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