Africa Union's Inability To Sanction South Africa Fueling Xenophobic Attacks

- | 3 months ago

Scores of xenophobic attacks in South Africa currently ongoing in most parts of the Gauteng Province with concentration at the Alexandra township of Johannesburg is not only frightening and worrying, but also very animalistic on the part of the citizens of South Africa perpetrating such heinous acts.

This cowardly act for the past few days has lead to looting and destruction of foreign shops and other properties, and also the death of some people. Note, this barbaric act has continuously and consistently been given breath over the years because of the assumed intentional negligence on the part of the African Union (AU) organization which is perceived to be borne out of either corruption, favouritism, bias or incompetence.

The above view stands because the AU has been observed to be pampering South Africa for the past twenty-five (25) years since the xenophobic attacks started around 1994 in South Africa, despite it being clearly continuously noticed that perpetrators of these barbaric acts have always had the backing and motivation from the political and traditional leaders in South Africa.

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