AfriForum warns De Wildt land grabbers

- | 3 months ago

AfriForum has threatened legal action against land grabbers at De Wildt, near Ga-Rankuwa.

This week AfriForum claimed that on 21 January 2019 it won the Northern Gauteng High Court case against illegal land invaders and the SA Police Service (SAPS). The group said it had wasted no time to request its legal team to take action against people who had grabbed the De Wildt piece of land at the entrance to Ga-Rankuwa.

“We have instructed our legal team to tackle yet another land grab case; this time in the De Wildt. “Today is day 15 since this land grab began and the SAPS were conspicuous by their absence despite numerous attempts to bring them to action.

President Ramaphosa promises the world that land grabs don’t exist and that the police will act, yet the local Mmakau police station apparently doesn’t have that ability,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s head of community safety, the group said in a statement. However, as of Monday, January 28, the squatters had not yet left the area.

AfriForum said its legal team had consulted the landowner on January 16 and was already busy with the necessary processes to force the police to remove the landgrabbers.

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