Afriforum's threat to EFF over unpaid R109k: Pay up or we seize your assets

- | 3 months ago

Lobby group AfriForum has threatened to start seizing property from the EFF and Julius Malema if they do not receive the nearly R109 000 owed them before Friday.

"Should the money not be paid by then, AfriForum will start a process again to seize the EFF's assets," said Afriforum CEO Kallie Kriel on Sunday. This money pertains to the court order AfriForum obtained against the EFF and Malema on November 14, 2018 after the party and Malema's attempt to obtain an urgent court order – to prevent AfriForum from removing the EFF's property and auctioning it off – failed.

The order is one of five that the organisation obtained against Malema and his party to date.

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