Afrikaans academics sign declaration apologising for apartheid

- | 2 months ago

Just as the furore surrounding recent comments by former president FW de Klerk regarding apartheid and its status as a crime against humanity begins to die down, a group of 10 Afrikaner academics who identify as having benefited from apartheid have stoked the fires of the dying conversation by signing a declaration condemning and apologising for apartheid.

De Klerk’s foundation has since withdrawn the statement. Sowetan Live reports that the academics, who called themselves “concerned South Africans”, released a declaration on Sunday which states that “the continued denialism around apartheid being a crime against humanity” was insensitive and aimed at avoiding the truth.

Among the declaration’s signees are minister of the Dutch Reform Church Dr André Bartlett, journalist Foeta Krige, member of the advisory council of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation emeritus professor Willie Esterhuyse and former diplomat and ambassador Dawie Jacobs.

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