After interview over Please Call Me gets heated, EFF slams SABC anchor

- | 7 months ago

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu and several others took to Twitter to give SABC presenter Francis Herd a tongue-lashing for what Shivambu called her “out of order” and “unprofessional” interview with the leader of the “Please Call Me Movement”, Modise Setoaba.

According to the second-in-command of the red berets, the Full View interviewer was “overwhelmed by subjectivity” and didn’t want to listen to her interview subject. Shivambu thought she was “ignorant”, regarding the ConCourt decision on the matter, as she took the position that Vodacom may have offered the inventor of the Please Call Me service “billions” in a confidential offer and he may not have been reasonable in turning it down.

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