Agrizzi confirms 'his' Twitter account and list of bribe beneficiaries are both fake

- | 7 months ago

Agrizzi also confirmed that a list that has been circulating of supposed Bosasa bribe beneficiaries from earlier today, and which has apparently gone viral, is also complete fakery.

He confirmed, for one, that he had never met Black First Land First (BLF) president Andile Mngxitama, whose name appears on the list, and that Mngxitama was in any case never a beneficiary of untoward payments from Bosasa. Mngxitama had already said in a statement on Tuesday that he had noticed his name on the list, which included the names of other individuals Agrizzi has already implicated in allegedly taking bribes from Bosasa.

Fake news is known for mixing facts with fiction in the hope that this will make it more believable.

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