An enemy of Zuma is 'not synonomously an enemy of the ANC' - Hanekom's lawyer

- | 6 months ago

Former Cabinet minister and senior ANC member Derek Hanekom's lawyer says an enemy of former president Jacob Zuma is not automatically an enemy of the African National Congress.

Hanekom's lawyer Carol Steinberg argued in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court on Friday that Hanekom went to jail for treason because he had served as an ANC spy during the apartheid era and years of political turmoil. SCROLL | Hanekom defamation: Zuma's tweets were not about apartheid, but current political conflicts, say defence lawyersBut to call someone who fought for liberation "an enemy agent" is defamatory, submitted Steinberg.

She was arguing in court after Hanekom took Zuma to court to the tune of R500 000 for defamation following a tweet on July 25 which Zuma referred to Hanekom as a "known enemy agent".

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