An 'utter fabrication' - Presidency rejects EFF claims that Ramaphosa offered it Cabinet posts

- | 5 months ago

The Presidency has rejected the EFFs claims that President Cyril Ramaphosa offered some party members positions in his Cabinet.

Presidency spokesperson Khusela Diko said on Friday that the claims - that offers were made to EFF members when Ramaphosa first came into office in early 2018 - were an "utter fabrication". "While the appointment of members of the national executive committee is the sole prerogative of the president and as such, not a matter we would wish to engage in a public discussion, the utterances of the leader of the EFF claiming to have been offered a Cabinet position are utter fabrication, peddled for reasons known only to those who spread them.

"The president made no such offer to the EFF and thus, we reject the statement made earlier today (Friday)," Diko told News24.

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