ANALYSIS: Will it be up to EFF to save Mashaba? Why ANC's no confidence motion could fail

- | 3 months ago

While the ANC drums up support and attempts to rally City of Johannesburg residents around the idea that Herman Mashaba is not good enough to continue as mayor, many believe it's a futile exercise and won't bear the desired fruits.

The ANC in South Africa's economic hub has tabled a motion of no confidence against Mashaba, which is expected to be heard on Thursday. The motion will also apply to council speaker Vasco Da Gama and the chief whip of the DA's caucus, Kevin Wax.

OPINION | A red beret all Herman Mashaba needs to complete his lookThe ANC is not only vigorously debating and horse trading behind the scenes but the ruling party also hopeful the EFF's position on its soured relationship with the DA will work in its favour.

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