ANC, EFF playing political tricks

The ANC, National Party and their imperialist backers have turned SA into a joke.

How is a ballot paper with 48 political parties going to look like? Is it not going to make the whole electoral fuss and cumbersome ? In 1989, the organisations known to be fighting for liberation were the PAC, BC formations represented by Azapo, ANC and Unity Movement. Where do all these other contraptions come from? And how did it happen that the DA and the FF Plus surpass the PAC and Black Consciousness (BC)? How has the FF Plus alone surpassed the PAC and BC formations combined? This is all the fault of the ANC to assist the white oligarchs and the imperialist West to frustrate the African people's genuine revolution to overthrow of white supremacy.

The EFF is now being used as a bogey against the ANC.

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