ANC rated negatively among all voters – IRR

- | 4 months ago

The ANC national government is regarded negatively among all voters on all of six core issues – economic growth, crime, education, health care, corruption, and land reform – but is also rated the party best placed to deliver on five of them, the exception being fighting corruption, the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) said on Sunday.

“These are among the banner headline findings in the second tranche of results from our February 2019 election poll,” IRR head of politics and governance Gareth van Onselen said in a statement. Overall, black voters gave negative net satisfaction scores to the ANC government on economic growth (-48 percent); crime (-31 percent); corruption (-33 percent), and land reform (-7 percent), and marginal positive net satisfaction scores on education (+5 percent) and healthcare (+3 percent).

Among ANC voters, 51 percent were “very unsatisfied” with the national government’s performance on fighting corruption, but 47 percent also believed the ANC, rather than the Democratic Alliance or Economic Freedom Fighters, was best at fighting corruption.

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