ANC reports EFF to IEC for 'offering free drivers' licences for votes'

- | a month ago

The ANC has reported the Economic Freedom Fighters to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) for an alleged digital banner making the rounds on social media, offering free drivers’ licenses in exchange for electoral support.

The ANC, in a statement, said they were alarmed by the EFF’s desperate antics and described them as despicable acts of vote-buying which had to be exposed. “This despicable act of vote buying must be exposed for what it is and constitutes an illegal act that undermines democracy.

The levels of desperation demonstrated by the EFF are indicative of a party that has accepted that their fortunes at the polls are questionable. “The ANC believes that offering what amounts to monetary inducements to voters and the use of IEC imagery on party material goes against the spirit and the letter of the law.

” The party, which has reported the EFF, hopes the IEC will deal decisively with “the blatant abuse” of the electoral process. This would be the second complaint against the EFF with the IEC.

The IEC’s chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo confirmed receipt of a complaint against the party and its leader Julius Malema from veteran journalist Karima Brown.

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