ANC votes for Tshwane budget, but closes door on partnership with DA

- | 3 months ago

Last week the EFF announced it would no longer vote with the DA, after it refused to give the red berets the mayoral position.

In March, the leader of the red berets, Julius Malema, boldly stated that his party would hold Tshwane's mayoral chain after the May 2019 general elections but last week, he admitted the DA refused a "power sharing" proposal. The deal would have seen the EFF taking over control of the country's capital, while some of its Johannesburg councillors serve as members of the mayoral committee.

The DA described the EFF's decision as unfortunate but Tshwane mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa, indicated that it wouldn't signal a significant change as the partnership was based on voting on a case-by-case situation.

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