ANC wants Tshwane under administration after Msimanga's 'firing'

- | 6 months ago

The resignation of Solly Msimanga as Tshwane mayor has bolstered the ANC’s call to place the municipality under administration, using the alleged collapse of services and mismanagement to argue its case.

On Friday, Msimanga announced that he would step down as Tshwane mayor at the end of February to focus on his candidacy for the Gauteng premiership, but the ANC in Tshwane is not buying this story. The ANC Tshwane regional leadership said Msimanga was in fact fired by his own party due to poor performance, mismanagement and his courting of scandals.

According to insiders, the party will use Msimanga’s untimely departure to argue that even the Democratic Alliance (DA) had no faith in him.

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