ANC's Nonceba Molwele takes over as Joburg speaker

ANC's Nonceba Molwele was elected the speaker of Johannesburg yesterday with the help of two DA councillors who defied party orders not to attend the sitting.

Molwele, whose election was unopposed, takes over from Vasco da Gama, who was ousted in a motion of no confidence vote last week. The DA had instructed all its 103 councillors not to attend the City of Johannesburg council meeting as it was deemed illegal; but two of its councillors defied this order and attended the sitting, a decision the party's provincial chairperson Mike Moriarty is unhappy with.

A similar incident happened last week when Geoff Makhubo was elected mayor of the city, where three DA councillors broke ranks by voting for him and not their party's mayoral candidate Funzi Ngobeni.

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