ANC's policy of trying to adopt right and left wing polices may trip it up – Stephens

- | 3 months ago

LONDON — Chuck Stephens from the Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership writing in his own capacity says in its campaign running up to this year’s elections, the ANC has adopted a confusing unity policy that resembles a three-legged race.

Stephens says the ANC is attaching elements of the left wing, the EFF, BHLF and others to its left leg, the SACP and COSATU in its adoption of land reform and elements of the DA and other official opposition parties’ policies such as its call to be tough on crime to its centrist free market policy leg. It results in an alliance that is trying to keep pace with the opposition parties, while still wanting to try to distinguish itself from them.

The ANC is tying “two legs together in a unity strategy but it ends up incoherent”, while voters ‘may be more concerned to clean up government’ and with job creation. Stephens says the ANC got it wrong in 2009 by putting Jacob Zuma up as a suitable candidate for President, the EFF got it right when they highlighted land reform in 2014.

He says the ‘unity strategy’ or three-legged race approach adopted by the ANC during this year’s election means that the right hand literally does not know what the left has been doing. – Linda van Tilburg By Chuck Stephens* Did you ever try this athletic challenge? Maybe in Phys-Ed at school or at a Sunday-school picnic? It takes quite a lot of coordination.

It is easy to tumble, or worse yet, to walk around in circles.

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