Apartheid flag judgment: 'Now remove Die Stem' - EFF


- news24.com | 4 months ago

Ruling welcomedThe ANC expressed similar sentiments, saying the judgment was a vindication of the party's position that the old flag and other apartheid paraphernalia were divisive and represented a hankering for the country's hurtful past.

The party added that it believed that demonstrating any allegiance to apartheid symbols served to undermine all efforts aimed at building a new democratic society that was based on the values of justice, equality and freedom. "Displaying the apartheid flag is not only inconsistent with the values of our Constitution, but also tends to reverse all the gains we have made since 1994 to promote social cohesion and build a non-racial society.

"The ANC calls on all South Africans to redouble their collective efforts towards building a united nation and to turn their backs on apartheid and all its symbols," national spokesperson Pule Mabe said.

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