'Basis of fact' to Malema's comments on Indians, but his delivery is flawed - analyst


- news24.com | 4 weeks ago

Struggle veteran and ex-vice chancellor at the former University of Durban-Westville, Dr Saths Cooper, believes EFF leader Julius Malema was not entirely wrong in his analysis of the Indian community in KwaZulu-Natal."The point raised by Malema has a basis of fact to it because many of our people out there retain certain racist proclivities," said Cooper.

Malema was criticised for utterances during a campaign rally in Durban on Sunday. TimesLive reported that Malema said black domestic workers were paid nothing by their Indian employers."There will be no unity between blacks and Indians until they rework their mentality that they are closer to whiteness.

They are not closer to whiteness. They are black and we are all victims of apartheid," Malema said.Retained idealsCooper, who shared a cell block with struggle icon Nelson Mandela during his incarceration on Robben Island, said South Africans had retained ideals of racial division set by colonialism.

"Malema is not incorrect, however it is the manner in which he is raising it. He is using it for party political purpose[s]. He says that in Durban, where there is a [clear] prevalence of so-called Indians and there is a predominance of students.

"Minority groups are the first to complain about racism, but ignore racism and inequality they perpetuate themselves against others whom they see as lesser beings.

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