Benny Meyengani quits EFF position because of Ringo Madlingozi – report

- | 4 months ago

Sunday World has revealed the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) apparently have one less local musician to count among their councillor ranks after Tsonga star Benny Mayengani quit as a Johannesburg councillor two months ago.

They report that the claimed reason for Mayengani’s departure was that fellow musician Ringo Madlingozi was preferred over him to go to parliament as one of the EFF’s 44 MPs following the May elections. The EFF confirmed the councillor’s resignation, but said that their records still held that Mayengani was a party member.

Other EFF members the tabloid spoke to claimed Mayengani had been “ill-disciplined” and “threw his toys” over what he perceived as a snub from the party.

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