Black ANC and white DA's inclusivity facade always cracks when the heat is on

- | 4 months ago

Throughout colonialism and apartheid, white people in SA were troubled by one central question: "How do we, as a settler minority, prevail over a majority of black natives?" Both English liberal Cecil John Rhodes and Afrikaner nationalist Hendrik Verwoerd agreed that the best way was to subjugate and oppress the black majority.

The few whites who fled to Australia, Canada and other white countries in 1994 could not imagine themselves living under a political system governed by a dark-skinned human being. Those who remained were also scared, but could not uproot centuries of socio-economic and cultural investments they and their ancestors had made in this part of Africa.

Although they did not vote for him in 1994, those whites who remained were pleasantly surprised by Nelson Mandela's message of forgiveness.

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