Blood won't make an EFF government, only a cross will - Malema warns against violence

- | 3 months ago

EFF leader Julius Malema has put out an emphatic plea calling for tolerance among political parties ahead of the general elections set to take place in May.Malema wrapped up the EFF’s 2019 elections manifesto launch cautioning his own members against using violence as they traverse the country to spread the word from their little red manifesto booklet, which was handed out in hard copy and distributed via social media and online.

"There must be no violence anywhere because of elections," said an impassioned Malema."Blood won’t make EFF government, only a cross," he continued.Ahead of that he highlighted the "commitments" the EFF would see implement, should South Africa’s voting electorate put its faith in the red berets.

Malema also used the opportunity to touch on some of the current developments unfolding in the country.He said his party would pay special attention to the protection and the independence of the Public Protector, the Auditor-General and all other corruption monitoring institutions to independently oversee government programmes.Malema, commenting on the new National Director of Public Prosecutions Shamila Batohi, who marked her first day in office on Friday, expressed distrust in her ability to act independently and suggested she was linked to Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

"I don’t think they were helping anything there, they were appointing her to protect the crimes of Pravin Gordhan and the cabal which is aligned with Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa," suggested Malema.He said an EFF government would appoint an independent head of public prosecutions, warning his own that the party would take harsh steps to deal with them if they were ever found to have stolen from taxpayers, including taking their pension funds and throwing them into jail.“When you steal as an EFF member you embarrass us and make us look like the thieves in the ANC,” said Malema.

#EFFManifestoLaunch (@leosejake)— Team News24 (@TeamNews24) February 2, 2019 On the SABC and Eskom, Malema spoke of a need to strengthen the two, suggesting that several methods should be considered when it came to assisting the electricity provider find its footing, all the while rejecting the idea of independent power producers.

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