Breakingviews - Africa growth outlook puts democrats on back foot

- | 8 months ago

11:09 AM / Updated 15 minutes agoBreakingviews - Africa growth outlook puts democrats on back footEd Cropley 5 Min ReadSupporters of President Jacob Zuma confront demonstrators calling for Zuma's removal outside the home of the controversial Gupta family in Johannesburg, South Africa April 7, 2017.

REUTERS/James Oatway LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - After beating a steady retreat since the end of the Cold War, the African strongman is on the comeback trail. Worryingly, dismal growth data in major democracies like South Africa and Nigeria are bolstering his cause.

Of the myriad reasons for the continent shifting up a gear from 2% annual growth in the 1990s to nearly 6% in the 15 years thereafter, four stand out: technology, debt forgiveness, high commodity prices and better governance – most often attributed to the gradual spread of democracy and the accountability that theoretically flows in its wake.

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