BULLETPROOF: Will the ANC dodge another bullet on election day?


- news24.com | 7 months ago

The ANC has been the dominant political party since 1994, scoring overwhelming victories in every general election since the advent of democracy.

It has been plagued by corruption and scandal over the last decade – but is the edifice cracking, or will it hold once more?The last 12 months have possibly been the worst in the ANC’s history, bar perhaps in 1960 when it was banned by the apartheid government for 30 years. It is fighting a loss of support, the effects of poor governance and its own complicity in the looting of the public purse.

The country has since the last general election been fed a steady diet of corruption and criminality, collapsing governance and maladministration, infighting and backbiting, all on account of internal ANC power struggles and corruption.

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