City of Johannesburg welcomes first batch of insourced cleaners

- | 4 months ago

The City of Johannesburg, in a women's month-inspired ceremony, on Saturday welcomed their first batch of 450 beneficiaries of the City's insourcing programme for cleaners.

"The City of Johannesburg ultimately plans to insource a total of 1 879 cleaners – most of whom are women – who will gain greatly from employee benefits such as pension, medical aid, and an increased take-home salary. "Previously, these cleaners earned a mere R3 000 a month, while the City of Johannesburg paid around R6 500 per cleaner to the outsourced companies they worked for.

These cleaners will now be able to take home over R4 000 a month after deductions of a salary of around R5 600 a month," Mayor Herman Mashaba said in a statement on Saturday.

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