Cogta looking to ensure that Tshwane council concludes motions of no confidence

- | 2 months ago

The special council meeting - tasked with handling four motions of no confidence against the mayor, speaker, acting speaker and chair of chairs - descended into chaos after the sequence of the motions could not be agreed on.

The ANC and EFF, which petitioned Speaker Katlego Mathebe for the meeting, staged a walkout after accusing her of stonewalling their request to decide the order in which the motions should be heard. ALSO READ| Tshwane council: Battle for sequence of motions to be heard ends in acrimonyAccording to the agenda, set up by Mathebe, the motion against Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa was supposed to be heard first, followed by acting speaker Zweli Khumalo, the chair of chairs and lastly against Mathebe.

AgendaBoth the ANC and EFF were unhappy about the sequence of the motions and argued they should be able to set the sequence as they had petitioned for the meeting to be held in the first place.

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