Comedian Lasizwe's hilarious political take on the EFF vs. DA vs. ANC

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- Local comedian and YouTube sensation, Lasizwe, recently brought Mzansi a lighter side of the elections with his video, ‘The Difference Between the ANC, DA and EFF’- Lasizwe mocked every one of the top parties equally and social medias agreed that the parodies of political leaders was on point- Many found the end of the video the most hilarious part, with Lasizwe paying tribute to SA’s load shedding Comedian and YouTube star, Lasizwe, has Mzansi rolling on the floor laughing with a new video that pokes fun at the top three political parties in South Africa.

Although Lasizwe has been bashed in the past for some of his videos being copy-cat skits, the SA comedian pulled out the stops with this recent political pantomime.Taking the ANC, DA and EFF and throwing shade at the parties’ recognisable election strategies, Lasizwe gave Mzansi something to laugh about during this stressful time before the 2019 elections.

The comedian even cleverly changed the names of the political leaders mocked in the video, so as to keep himself away from the wrath of copyright claims and accusations of defamation. PAY ATTENTION: Do you want to know what's trending on Join our WhatsApp group today.

Due to this sneaky move, we are addressed by “Juelius Milema – Leader of FFE”, “Vvusi Maimine – DNA leader” and, last but not least, “Cereal Ramaphaso – Leader of NAC”.Lasizwe also reminded viewers that the clip is a parody and does not reflect any affiliation to a particular political party.

Mzansi gushed about their top moments on social media, which found hilarious.

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