Coronavirus: EFF talks rent, payment holidays in economic plan

- The effects of the coronavirus outbreak have raised serious concerns about the health of South Africa's already struggling economy- The Economic Freedom Fighters have released their plan to help manage the challenges ahead- explores the suggested measures the EFF would like to see implementedThe Economic Freedom Fighters have weighed in on the economic challenges that will surely come from the massive change in consumer behaviour in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement released on Monday, the party called for all South African banks to initiate a payment holiday for clients with home loans, car loans, credit cards and other debt like personal and student loans. The EFF warned banks not to retrench workers during this payment holiday, which it felt should last for at least four months.

In addition to this, the party called for all workers earning below R15 000 to be paid a once-off grant: "Government must pay all workers who earn below R15 000 a once-off grant of R3 500 for food and hygiene essentials.

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