Corporate SA chair remembers how AfriForum made 'political outcast' Malema a 'hero'

- | 4 months ago

In a column for News24, Corporate SA chairperson Tebogo Khaas argued that Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema was “one of our democracy’s greatest national security challenges”.

Khaas quotes from Fiona Forde’s 2011 book An Inconvenient Youth: Julius Malema and the ‘new’ ANC, which describes the EFF leader as elevated to hero status after AfriForum took him to court for singing the song Dubula iBhunu, often translated as “Kill the boer”. “AfriForum, who hauled Malema to court on hate speech charges, unwittingly earned Malema considerable social and political currency as he vanquished the race-based organisation before a live television audience,” Khaas writes.

Khaas, who aside from being chair of Corporate SA is also a businessman, former CEO and IT engineer, bases this view on an excerpt of Forde’s book.

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