Council withdraws Tshwane mayor's request to revoke appointment of acting city manager

- | 3 months ago

The report related to allegations that Murphy was named as a person of interest in a probe over donations to NGOs by the city about five years ago.

Mokgalapa's spokesperson refused to be drawn into the outcome of the meeting, only saying: "The in committee report will be part of the minutes of the council sitting next week. "However ANC Tshwane chairperson Kgoši Maepa, who had tweeted after the meeting that the "ANC spent the whole day teaching the DA rules and how resolutions work", said Murphy remained the legally appointed acting city manager.

"The mayor or Dr Moeketsi Mosola don't have powers to appoint an acting city manager, only council can appoint according to section 54A of the Municipal Systems Act," Maepa said.

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