'Curry, curry, curry' didn't finish me, I stood firm – Mbalula


- citizen.co.za | 4 weeks ago

African National Congress (ANC) head of campaigns Fikile Mbalula yesterday described his visit at the Guptas’ Saxonwold compound where he was served “lots of curry”, saying that he stood his ground and would not be manipulated by the controversial family. Mbalula said the Guptas targeted him after he raised concerns about the Guptas and their far-reaching influence during an ANC national executive committee (NEC) meeting in August 2011.

He testified that he had three encounters with Ajay Gupta when he was sports minister — first at their Sahara Computers offices in Midrand, at the Saxonwold compound and at the Wanderers cricket stadium. “He offered me some curry there [at Saxonwold] before we could talk. I think it’s their culture that before you talk to them, you eat curry.

This thing that you see in the public domain that people ate curry there is not a joke. It’s true, you eat curry there…” said Mbalula. “He [Ajay] then gave me a good lecture about how most of the things I was eating there came from their farm, in Midrand…that everything they eat is not from the shop, it’s produced from their farm.

I didn’t even know they got a farm.” “So you had a vegetarian curry on that day?” evidence leader Leah Gcabashe asked Mbalula. Mbalula replied: “Yes.

I don’t like curry but I had to eat it … more curry, curry, curry.

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