Dali Mpofu says EFF will shut down if MI6 allegations are true


- briefly.co.za | 10 months ago

- The EFF's national chairperson said a commission of inquiry should investigate the rumours about the EFF- This comes after Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned that he had recieved reports that Julius Malema had met with British spies- The president brought up the report in response to accusations that he had betrayed his comrades during the anti-apartheid struggle The EFF's Dali Mpofu has said that if rumours that the EFF has collaborated with British spy agencies turn out to be true, the party will close down.

This follows Cyril Ramaphosa mentioning the reports that Malema may have met with spies in London. The last week has seen several allegations of double-crossing thrown at politicians.

Moisua Lekota grabbed headlines in Parliament when he accused Ramaphosa of having collaborated with apartheid police.

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