Daniel Silke: Voters, economic dependency and the ANC


- fin24.com | 3 months ago

Along with Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and probably Botswana later this year, Southern African nations still haven’t embedded real competitive politics with an electoral change of party at the ballot box.

 Subscribe to Fin24's newsletter here Perhaps the former colonial struggles are still too recently entrenched in the minds of voters to consider voting for the non-liberation alternatives – after all, real party contestations are occurring in both East and West Africa where the colonial struggle ended decades earlier leaving a longer period of democratic maturation and generational shifts to alter the political landscape. In the South African context though, there are some special features that have kept the ANC in power – despite the most glaring of deficiencies.

And, these features have largely been as a result of the special relationship of economic dependency that the ANC has developed and nurtured with its voters since 1994.

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