Disbanding the ANC Youth League offers no solution for the poor or unemployed


- city-press.news24.com | 3 months ago

Disbanding the ANC Youth League’s national executive committee will further harm the league and delay the congress by at least 18 months.

This was stated by Magasela Mzobe, a graduate of the league of the class that was led by Julius Malema, on his Facebook status. Having read his statement, insight discloses evidence to the fact that the current challenges faced by the ANC Youth League can be traced back to the mistakes made by Malema at the time in which he was president of the league.

In order to capture and thus prevent these mistakes from multiplying – of which the call for the disbandment of the league today by the even self-acclaimed removalists is a multiple of such mistakes, effected recurrently through solutions that were offered as a bandage to a much greater problem – these mistakes must be viewed in light of the values which we pursue as a people.

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