“Dishonest And Schizophrenic” – Former DA Councillor's Brutal Assessment Of Party


- 2oceansvibe.com | 3 months ago

We are just months out from our national elections, and campaign fever is spreading. It’s only going to get worse, with the name-calling and mudslinging and race-baiting set to further divide South Africa along political lines as we edge closer towards May.

Julius Malema has made it clear that the EFF and the DA aren’t tjommies any longer, but perhaps this week’s most stinging rebuke of the DA comes from former councillor and member of the Cape Town mayoral committee, Brett Herron. Herron is now the secretary-general of Good, Patricia de Lillie’s breakaway party, so he has a vested interest in undermining the DA, but the sentiments he expressed in a TimesLIVE opinion piece align with what many former party members have been saying. Here are some excerpts from Herron’s piece: The problem with the DA is that it is basically a PR machine that settles on values and policy positions based on polling and focus groups.

It doesn’t authentically believe in anything. In the process it constantly exposes itself as dishonest and schizophrenic. When the DA campaigns in black areas it says things it thinks black people want to hear.

When the DA hosts meetings in white areas it changes the message out of fear of alienating its core supporters. What an insult to the vast majority of white South Africans who want to see our country succeed in a socially and economically just and sustainable way….

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