EDITORIAL: Battle for Gauteng reveals DA's cracks


- businesslive.co.za | 4 months ago

In a year filled with lows, the first week of December proved exceptionally trying for the DA as the most significant gains made during the 2016 local government elections were reversed in a matter of days.

First SA’s economic heartland of Johannesburg, which it had governed via a coalition, went back to the ANC on Wednesday as some of its erstwhile coalition partners — as well as some of its own councillors — turned on the DA and supported Geoff Makhubo’s candidature as mayor. While there is a lot to be said about what went wrong in Joburg, the reality is that the DA can easily answer that question by looking in the mirror.

The mayorship opened up in the first place as a result of the party’s internal politics, while the caucus members deciding to vote for the ANC was merely symptomatic of the DA’s discipline problem in its ranks.

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