EFF chairperson Dali Mpofu not offended by Julius Malema's criticism


- briefly.co.za | 6 months ago

Dali Mpofu, EFF chairperson, says that the criticism Julius Malema sent his way has failed to offend him.

Speaking during a media briefing yesterday, the party leader condemned members for being lazy in regards to strengthening the EFF. The Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Dali Mpofu, has responded to criticism levied his way by their leader, Julius Malema.

During a media briefing, the EFF leader had accused some in the party's leadership of being lazy, saying that:"The reality of the situation is that our national chair is a senior counsel, forever in consultations, forever in courts and doing those many other things which are indirectly complementing the cause, but it doesn't directly translate into strengthening the organisation.

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