EFF decries 'disproportionately high' R500 000 damages to Manuel


- fin24.com | 4 months ago

The EFF has argued before the High Court that the R500 000 damages claim awarded to Trevor Manuel in a defamation case against the party was "disproportionately high" and that there was no evidence to demonstrate how it was determined.

The party on Friday presented arguments for its application for leave to appeal a ruling against an earlier judgement by Judge Elias Matojane, who ordered the party to apologise and pay damages to Manuel for publishing "false, unlawful and defamatory" statements about the former finance minister. Subscribe to Fin24's newsletter hereThe EFF attorney, Kameel Premhid, argued that the amount was "disproportionately high" in the context of numerous recent cases that have dealt with damages in the context of defamation.

"There was no evidence led as to how the quantum of damages was ascertained," he stated.

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