EFF fascist? Not a chance ... we are a force for afro revolution

Friday marked six years since more than 1,200 activists gathered on July 26 2013 in Uncle Tom's Hall, Soweto to form the Economic Freedom Fighters.

It is definitive that among those activists, there were no millionaires, former cabinet members, premiers nor mayors, neither were there endorsements from any former heads of state. Out of their relative obscurity, the working class, children of farmworkers, mineworkers, domestic workers and petrol attendants, among others, braved the cold winter night to reclaim the historic mission of the attainment of true decolonisation long abandoned by the former liberation movements.

This gathering, called the National People's Assembly on What Is To Be Done, adopted the EFF founding manifesto, which characterised the EFF as a socialist political party that draws its central tools of analysis from the works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Frantz Fanon.

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