EFF member allegedly arrested for encouraging MUT student to pay bribe


- briefly.co.za | 7 months ago

- A video was posted on Twitter allegedly showing a EFF member being arrested- The man allegedly encouraged a student to pay a bribe to attain study space- EFF supporters on social media deny that the man was EFFA video emerged online showing a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ Student’s Command (EFFSC) allegedly being arrested for encouraging a student to pay a bribe in order to be accepted for a placement at Mangosuthu University of Technology.

The video which was posted to social media platform, Twitter, allegedly shows a man donning a red EFF shirt being placed in the back of a police van, Briefly.co.za found. EFF supporters on social media rushed to their party’s defense and asserted that the video was not real, but an attempt on behalf of the ANC to tarnish the reputation of the EFF.

Some users seemed convinced that the man was a ANC member in a EFF shirt.

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