EFF members kicked out of Limpopo SOPA after chaotic brawl erupts


- briefly.co.za | 7 months ago

- Limpopo’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) ended with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) being forcibly removed after a fight erupted at the event- The EFF were apparently upset by the ANC interrupting the address with ANC struggle songs - Limpopo premier, Stan Mathabatha, spent a great deal of the address gushing about the positive effect of the Limpopo government Members of the EFF were removed by force from the SOPA held in Limpopo recently, after a brawl broke out between the red berets, individuals from the Limpopo legislature and event security guards.

News24 reported that the EFF were triggered by ANC members interrupting the sitting with singing. When confronted about the fight, EFF provincial leader, Jossey Buthane, claimed that, “We never disrupted anything.

”Buthane also lashed out at Limpopo premier, Stan Mathabatha, for the lack of substantial information brought to the address.Briefly.co.za found that Mathabatha spoke highly of the successes of the Limpopo government during his speech, and said that:"The central part of our efforts over the past five years has been the commitment to grow the economy and create the much-needed jobs for our people, particularly for our young people… Evidence proves that we have not betrayed this commitment"READ ALSO: Wow: Caster Semenya honoured in amazingly touching Nike advert DA provincial leader, Jacques Smalle, was also unimpressed with Mathabatha’s address and called the SOPA speech “totally uninspiring.

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