EFF MP charged with Sona slap has case postponed


- heraldlive.co.za | 4 days ago

Dlamini seemed unfazed and revealed after appearing in court that he was more concerned about the upcoming general election.He told supporters dressed in party regalia, who sang and danced outside court: “As you would know that we are busy in KZN because we are preparing for victory.

I left the commander-in-chief (Julius Malema) alone there. So I must rush to the province because May 8 is around the corner.”  The group burst into song again as he and another party official dashed off.

EFF MP Godrich Gardee told party supporters that it was not Dlamini who was arrested, but the “revolution”.“We did not intend to be here but the state decided to organise for us and we had to be here. It is part of the elections,” said Gardee.

“Commissar Marshall, we are here to support you. We are with you in the circumstances where you find yourself.“It is the revolution that the is under arrest.

It is the revolution that is on trial.

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