EFF MP shown the door after saying Gordhan's appointments are based on race


- news24.com | 2 months ago

EFF MP Nazier Paulsen was asked to leave the National Assembly on Tuesday evening after he refused to withdraw his statement that Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan appoints senior staff at state-owned enterprises based on race.

Referring to Monday's appointment of Andre de Ruyter as the new CEO of Eskom, Paulsen said: "The people of Evo Morales views the appointment of Andre de Ruyter as Eskom's new CEO as anti-transformational and we feel that this forms part of a racist project that seeks to undermine transformation in this country of the economy. "The minister of public enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, is leading a racist project to undermine and to exclude black people, and Africans in particular, from strategic positions in state-owned companies.

The appointment is irrational, shameful, and should be rejected.

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