EFF plans to take on Africa starting with Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa


- briefly.co.za | 4 weeks ago

- The EFF plans to become an international party and spread across the continent of Africa- A former Zimbabwean minister has joined the party, bolstering its efforts to dislodge President Emmerson Mnangagwa- The EFF adopted a resolution to challenge other governments across Africa at their last elective conference The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have set their targets on Africa as the party plans to spread their message across the continent.

The first country on their list is Zimbabwe after a former Zimbabwean minister, Patrick Zhuwao, joined the EFF.Briefly.co.za learned that this gives the EFF a legitimate reason to go after President Emmerson Mnangagwa and challenge his rule. “Consequently, I have applied to join EFF as a fighter and ordinary card carrying member in a branch within Gauteng Province.

I am happy to work as a ground fighter.

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