EFF pressures HPCSA to take action against paediatric surgeon accused of negligence


- thestrangenews.com | 3 months ago

If no action was taken, Gardee said, the HPCSA would be complicit in the “deaths and maiming of children” and it would be a “a serious dereliction of [its] duties as an oversight body”.

  Speaking to News24, Gardee said: “The Economic Freedom Fighters get involved in quite a lot of matters in the public interest, and in the public interest we cannot have a medical practitioner who is accused of medical negligence [and] medical misconduct that led to quite a number of children [allegedly] dying on his operating table. “It is up to the [HPCSA] to evaluate our complaint, decide whether there is prima facie evidence and … convene the doctor to come before its competence panel for an interview to explain his or herself of such allegations,” Gardee said.

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