EFF reacts to Uyinene verdict: Others like Botha are still out there


- briefly.co.za | 3 months ago

- Uyinene Mrwetyana's murderer, Luyanda Botha, has been dished out the harshest sentence the law could muster- Citizens from across the country are sharing their views on the surprisingly swift resolution to the saga- The EFF has welcomed the life imprisonment facing the convicted criminalUyinene Mrwetyana's mother says that their lives have been irreversibly devastated by her death.

However, some solace will hopefully come in the form of a swift end to the debacle, unlike the long and very public trial of convicted rapist Nicholas Ninow.Briefly.co.za reported that Luyanda Botha has been sentenced to three life terms and an additional five years for two counts of rape, one count of murder and another for defeating the ends of justice. READ ALSO: Uyinene Mrwetyana's murder avenged: Justice serves 3 life sentencesThe Economic Freedom Fighters released a statement welcoming the 'speedy resolution of the matter', however, the party pointed out not all those like Botha were apprehended:"There are still many Luyanda Bothas out there; continuing to proceed with their lives after causing unspeakable pain to the lives of women and girl children.

Society must work even harder to rid itself of such horrors.

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